Udstilling, SPOR 1 - 2013 © KirstenKKester.com | Kirsten K. Kester

SPOR 1 udstilling

SPOR 1/ TRACK 1 is my Artmoney workshop – together with 14 other girls Yesterday we had the most exciting opening. 200-250 people came to see our versions of our artistic currency. It was a grand day. Do you want to drop by? The exhibition runs August 16th until December 31rd 2013 @ Godsbanen – SPOR […]

Fucking Rhino © KirstenKKester.com | Kirsten K. Kester

Fucking Rhino

they take up the space they behave like the land is theirs I wanna build new highways new shoppingcentre’s new factories new, new, new…. I hate nature’s Are these the thoughts of people who buy ivory from the elephant, the paws from gorillas, or the horn from the rhinoceros? Are these the thoughts from governments […]