Serie: Riv Ravn Ruskende © | Kirsten K. Kester

Riv Ravn Ruskende

With the title of my series, I’ve played with the words. Riv ravn ruskende, (ravn meaning raven), comes from the Danish adverb rivravruskende which is to describe when something is insanely wrong and immoral.  The series with ten ravens, for a touring exhibition in the Nordic countries with Hanne Matthiesen as curator v. ARTmoneyNORD The keywords are […]

Dobbelt © | Kirsten K. Kesteri

Inktober 2018, 2019

October is, in addition to autumn, also equal to #inktoberInktober is a game for your imagination as an artist. A worldwide game with ink drawing as a medium. Jake Parker is the man behind the idea Inktober.Every October, artists, worldwide, take on the challenge of making an ink drawing a day.Mr Parker has made a […]

Memories from a  bus trip full of ordeals — through Cambodia © | Kirsten K. Kester

Travel Tales

Most of my life I have traveled all over the world. A lot of familiar places, but my favorites are on unfamiliar terrain. Walking down winding roads; not knowing what to expect. Meet new acquaintances, wonderful nature and unknown concepts. I’m curious and eager to stumble upon things you do not know from your own […]

MUK © | Kirsten K. Kester


The MUK series was created with a series of feeling. Such as burned out, stressed, sullen, plump and fat, at the dishcloth stage, after many years of illness. I call it the feeling MUK. It’s a Self made and combined word coming from the Danish word smuk which means beautiful and the word mut which […]

Flamingoblomst, plakat © | Kirsten K. Kester


For new artworks you should follow my profile on Instagram POSTERS in A3/ 42 X 29,7 cm, og A4/ 21 x 29,7 cm – unless other is agreed. Prices are approx (all in Danish kroner): 250,- for A3 og 150,- for A4 Flamingoblomst — 1-4 Blodbøg — 1–6 Stritter lystigt – lys og mørk version […]

30% udsalg © | Kirsten K. Kester


GRAPHIC PRINTS I usually make as commissioned works, and are therefore only sold in one copy.Some customers wish for artworks larger in size that I can make because of my physical disability as I can not lift my arms.The graphic prints are therefore made on the iPad, and then printed out on quality paper according […]

Artmoney - Am I safe now? (2020-027) © | Kirsten K. Kester


For new artworks you should follow my profile on Instagram From the series Italian landscapes ARTMONEY et originalt kunstværk, i miniformat, og du kan bruge den som valuta. Artmoney er originalt kunstværk på 12×18 cm. From the series Blue — Artmoney er også en kunstrejse, som tager os med tilbage, til dengang vi bytter mælk for […]

Gavekort © | Kirsten K. Kester

Gavekort/Gift card

Now you can buy or wish for a gift certificate from Studio K. For any INQUIRIES Amount is optional and everything is done online – unless you need to have it sent by post. (Note postage comes on top of amounts on gift card).