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Kirsten/ K, born 1969 and raised in Copenhagen. .
My academic background is with great interest in drawing. In internship as a city planner, drawing at folk high school, a myriad of croquis courses, art history, and I took the basic education at Århus Kunstakademi where I worked with oil painting, watercolor and classic drawing. I’ve since worked with my art part time in Aarhus to where I relocated in 1985. I currently live as a freelance artist, illustrator and regularly exhibits.


Studio K is my workshop and gallery.  Here my art is created; thoughts are thought, and strokes struck..  Where both physical and mental travel, inspire and shape my art from thought to paper.  .  On my physical journeys, I gather knowledge, empirics and notes through the encounter with other people.  I observe, listen and transform everything from impressions to expressions, the conversation, as well as the unspoken words.

My art are meant to be playful and pensiveness and my drawings may appear as a fantasy, but in actuality the themes I attempt to visualise are often very serious and extremely personal. 
I work with topics like identity and humanism. I have lived my life as a wheelchair user: and not only in today’s Denmark, but in the global modern society, marked as a minority group. Based on this, narratives are seen that are defined, limited, influenced or alienated as an individual.

Themes, metaphors, symbols and concepts are repeated throughout my work. The traveling nomad, the vulnerable and the ambiguous, alienation, destruction and melancholy are examples that move in my strokes. The narrative portraits or figures dominate my art.

Most of my life has been marked by various diseases and my wheelchair has been a necessary appendage. A pendant that does not define who I am, but that society in general thinks of as an identity. In addition, my wheelchair fills so much mentally that just an ordinary conversation can be difficult as people associate the wheelchair with a concept they have a hard time embracing.

This further arouses my curiosity about the thought behind the word in relation to people’s general conversation and body language.

My tools and techniques

I mainly work with graphite, color pencils, and ink or pen. These are my favorites. With my repeated strokes it’s almost meditative.
I occasionally work with watercolor and digital art, but am also inspired by other and new forms of expression.  This is partly due to my curiosity to the material, but also due to pain in my body in relation to working positions.

I do digital art, for example, because of my disability.  I usually work in small formats as I cannot lift my arms.  My drawings or paintings made by hand are therefore most often under A4, and rarely above A2 format.
With digital art, I can ideally unfold on a very small workspace.  Later I get the finished work printed out on nice paper, in a larger format.  My digital art is created in the same way as if I were drawing or painting.  The paper or canvas is simply replaced with a screen.


  • 2022/ Galerie MR137 – Opening: still unknown – The exhibition runs in April 2022 – Address:  Galerie MR137 – 137 rue de Temple, 75003 The Marais, Paris, France
  • 2021/ BILLEDMAGERI 2021 | Christmas group exhibition at RoS Gallery, Vindeboder 1A, 4000 Roskilde — opening 08. December
  • 2021/ #CMA2021 – Galleri Nybro, Nybrogade 30, 1203 Copenhagen K | The exhibition runs: 17. October 2021 (All days 13-17, except Mondays)
  • 2021/ Stadsbiblioteket, Sankt Petri kyrkogata 6, 222 21 Lund, Sweden — Opening: unknown because Covid-19 | The exhibition runs: 04. October – 08. November
  • 2021/ CPH Art Fair w. artmoney/ group exhibition — the exhibition runs: August 13.-15. 2021/ Address: Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, Copenhagen
  • 2021/ Randers Kunsthus — August 11.–14. 2021 — Middelgade 2, 8900 Randers
  • 2020-2021/ Bank- og Sparekassemuseet/ Overgaden Neden Vandet 11 1414 København/ w. Artmoney/ 13. september 2020 – 31. december 2021
  • 2020/ Höganäs Museum och Kunsthall\ Höganäs, Sweden – ARTmoneyNORD
  • 2020 CPH Art Space — Docken\ Copenhagen
  • 2019/ Smíðjan í Lítluvik\ Thorshavn – Faroe Islands –ArtmoneyNord, 2019
  • 2019/ CPH Art Space – Docken\ Copenhagen, 2019 
  • 2019/ Herlev Kunstforening – Galleriet i Midten\ with “De Betejste Kunstnere”. All four artist are connected with De Berejstes Klub, 2019 
  • 2019/ Vinterudstilling/ Galleri Artmoney/ Frederiksberg
  • 2018/ Bókasafn/ Tjarnargata/ Reykjanesbær, Iceland/ ArtmoneyNord
  • 2018/ Amtsbókasafninu/ Akureyri, Island/ ArtmoneyNord
  • 2018/ Rikhardinkadun Kirjasto/ Helsinki/ Finland – ArtmoneyNord
  • 2018/ CPH Art Space, Docken\ Copenhagen
  • 2018/ NIPÅ, Nordens Institut\ Mariehamn, Åland – ArtmoneyNord
  • 2018/ Gallery Soppa de Azul – Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • 2018/ Vinterudstilling/ Gallery Artmoney/ Frederiksberg
  • 2017/ Galleri Tryk2 – Bornholm Kulturuge\ Aakirkeby – ArtmoneyNord
  • 2017/ Galleri Smiðjan Lítluvik\ Torshavn, Faroe Islands – International Artmoney Exhibition  
  • 2017/ “Demokrateket” — Dokk1\ Århus – ArtmoneyNord
  • 2017/ Herlev Kunstforening, Galleriet i Midten\ Herlev – with “De Betejste Kunstnere”. All four artist are connected with De Berejstes Klub
  • 2017/ Galleri Bredgade 22\ Copenhagen
  • 2016/ Møntbørs\ Copenhagen
  • 2015/ Galleri Art Expo/ Hørning
  • 2015/ BERLIN SOUP – Berlin, Germany
  • 2015/ Galleri Bredgade 22\ Copenhagen  
  • 2014/ Galleri Dencker + Schneider\ Berlin, Germany
  • 2014/ Gods i Kunsten 3′ – Den Rå Hal\ Århus
  • 2015/ Alive and Kicking – The Signal Arts Centre\ Bray Co Wicklow, Ireland, 2015
  • 2014/ Galleri Bredgade 22\ Copenhagen
  • 2013/ Ud i Skoven – Constantia2\ Viby J.  – w. the art group Mangfoldighed
  • 2013/ August Art\ Knebel
  • 2013/ Randers Kunsthus\ Randers – w the art group Mangfoldighed
  • 2013/ Sjællandsgade Bad\ Copenhagen. – De Brændte Børn
  • 2013/ Spor 1 – Godsbanen\ Århus
  • 2013/ Galleri Bredgade 22\ Copenhagen
  • 2013/ Gallery Gathering Tribes\ Manhattan, New York – USA
  • 2013/ De brændte børn – 3F\ Aalborg
  • 2012/ Limfjordscentret\ Thy
  • 2012/ Rundetårn\ Copenhagen
  • 2012/ Gallery DADAPOST\ Berlin, Germany
  • 2011/ Rundetårn\ Copenhagen
  • 2006, Ridehuset\ Århus
  • 2006/ Øksnehallen\ Copenhagen
  • 2000/ “Mangfoldighed i Danmark – Nationalmuseet\ Copenhagen – “En udstilling i udvikling” m. Jette Ní Mhaolcatha, om betydning af udvikling i vores samfund. Vores projekt bygges op omkring hjulet, 2000

Censured exhibitions:

  • 2021 Galleri Nybro/ København K/ group exhibition
  • 2013/ Gallery Bredgade 22, Kbh./ group exhibition

Solo exhibitions: 

  • 2014/ Johs. Sørensen & Sønner Århus
  • 2011/ Galleri Kunst-værket/ Møldrup
  • 2011/ La Pazion de La Pazta/ La Paz B.C.S./ Mexico
  • 2009/ Café Vestergade/ Århus
  • 2006/ Café Vestergade/ Århus
  • 2005/ Café Vestergade/ Århus
  • 2000/ Café Vestergade/ Århus
  • 1997/ Sekvenstræning Frichsparken/ Århus


  • Billedmageri 2021
  • ARTmoney Event – Sønderborg, 2018
  • Aarhus Pride 2014 – Århus, 2014 
  • Hjortshøj Festival – Hjortshøj – m ARTmoney, 2014 


— Teater freezeProductions


Accessible Travel Phrasebook – Lonely Planet – 2018 — In collaboration with Lonely Planet are publishing accessible travel books for people with a handicap: I take part of the Danish translation.

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