Optipism Manifesto 

Dadapost gallery, Berlin © KirstenKKester.com | Kirsten K. Kester

Optipism Project are built on “Optipism Manifesto”; written by Denis Rivin –> see Manifesto
Visual artists, video artists, dancer, and poets were gathered to create art in many forms, both optimistic and pessimistic. Through their art to explore, to comment, respond and act in the world as it is today.

” I took part in this fun project as an artmoney artist, at Gallery Dadapost, Berlin Germany.
Together with my husband and many other artists in different genres, we had a wonderful Saturday evening at a former salmon smokehouse in the heart of Berlin ..
Among the many artists you could see Lars Kraemmer, Jesper Dalmose, Lars H.U.G, Charlotte Petersen, Jan Hatt-Olsen, Alan Hammerlund, Lennox Raphael, Olga magicians, Isabelle Ullman, Marian Hirschhorn